Lafitte Preparatory Academy Pirates

Lafitte Preparatory Academy is the preeminent prep school experience for the serious student-athlete seeking maximum college and professional basketball exposure. Student-athletes will receive unparalleled coaching and training, and they will benefit daily from the finest prep school facilities in the United States. The preparatory curriculum provides the invaluable opportunity for academic, physical, and social growth, while mastering talents and skills on the basketball court. The yearly program, in particular the transition year between high school and college, allows the student-athlete to acclimate and thrive within the collegiate lifestyle without sacrificing college athletic eligibility.

A day in the life of a student-athlete at Lafitte is highly productive and goal oriented, with little down time. LPA prides itself in delivering countless, positive life-long learning opportunities and advantageous networking to its student-athletes. The disciplined staff works tirelessly to ensure both individual and team achievements. As a member of the team, student-athletes will participate in games and tournaments throughout the United States against the highest level of competition available.

Dedication and commitment to the student-athlete is the trademark of the Lafitte Preparatory Academy. Whether it’s assisting a student-athlete to the college of their dreams or simply providing first-class travel accommodations to tournaments, LPA leaves no stone unturned.

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