Lafitte Preparatory Academy Pirates

Academics are at the foundation of the Lafitte Preparatory Academy. The experienced academic staff utilizes a truly hands-on approach in the class room, as it is imperative that student-athletes meet and surpass college eligibility requirements. Advisors will assist with class selection and enrollment, and work diligently to monitor academic progress.

LPA partners in conjunction with the community college system in Louisiana to provide its student-athletes with the necessary measures to fulfill and enrich their academic needs. Post grad student-athletes will be able to take and complete transferable college credits, high school replacement/completion credits, and prepare for ACT/SAT testing.

Undergrad students (still in high school) will be able to complete and receive their high school diploma from an accredited program recognized by the NCAA. Undergrads will complete a comprehensive course preparing them for a successful ACT/SAT testing experience. Reclassification may be a viable options for some undergrad students.

Tutoring and Study Table is provided to all student-athletes. Additional academic resources are available, as is academic counseling to further ensure academic excellence.

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